"Hey", "Hey","Hey", "Ok", "Great", "Cool", "Cool", "Great", "Ok", "Great", "Ok", "Ok", "Ok".
Amsterdam Fashion Week, January 2016

During this fashion week Camiel Fortgens presents: "Hey", "Hey","Hey", "Ok", "Great", "Cool", "Cool", "Great", "Ok", "Great", "Ok", "Ok", "Ok". An installation and research on how fashion and trends influence our identity and social behavior.

Is fashion a way to express, or has it become a way to blend in. Do we use our big glasses and accessories to show off or to hide behind. In this instalation Camiel Fortgens questions the norm in todays identity. Are we as free as we say we are or are we secretly captured in conformation, trends, culture and fashion.

Images and movies made by ‘Tandem

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